Christmas 2014 Wish List

Last Year's List





  • dark chocolate flavored with sea salt

  • socks with seam in toes
  • 'One Summer' Calvin Klein perfume
  • Wooden chair board like Dad used to make/use, app. 36x8x10 inches
  • Gift cards for Apple Watch (for when it is released, 1st quarter 2015)
  • Cocoon sunglasses for 5-3/4 in glasses
  • iTunes gift card
  • Amazon gift card
  • new iPhone
  • new laptop computer





  • Pigs, sheep, or chickens or Fonkoze donation
  • Amazon wish list - Download really preferred in music
  • Gift certificate for things I can't think of now or towards a TV like on my amazon list.
  • A happy family all year w/no moving or major surgeries or anything else bad happening.
  • bushel of BROILED brussels sprouts
  • Half of Lenore's mushrooms...if she's not going to eat them (as Graeme would say)
  • nice absorbent kitchen towels(linen, thin cotton)
  • simple blender for making smoothies
  • gift certificate to Catch Can
  • Nikki McCLure 2015 calendar
  • Lined dark leather dress gloves
  • amazon card

  • Donation to Dragon Boat Charleston




  • cash for iPhone 6+
  • Apple USB SuperDrive: this one
  • Smartshell Case for 13in MacBook Pro this one. Choose 13", "tennis ball green" color
  • A fun calendar picked out by Laura since she sends me fun pictures.
  • I think size 8 slippers like these
  • Starbucks Gift Card
  • Diamond Jim's Gift Card
  • Chipotle Gift Card
  • Mom & Dad's extra phone set
  • Tracy's bushel of Brussel Sprouts






  • shoes
  • Living Social (or other) gift certificate to use to get a back massage in DC
  • An ironing board that is not pointed for quilting like this one: Reliable C60LB Longboard 2-in-1 Home Ironing Table with Extension, Amazon link
  • Barnes and Noble gift cards to buy Nook books
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Ear buds that have the wrap around or hook behind the ears

  • a lifetime supply of iPhone issues



Little T


  • another year of Lumosity
  • a good hairdryer
  • wall mounted makeup mirror
  • iTunes gift cards

  • queen size cotton sheets
  • king size cotton quilts to play on (macho themes, no pretty ponies, consult with Lenore)

  • kitchen timer (one that does not require batteries)
  • navy blue cashmere turtleneck or mock turtleneck sweater
  • long sleeve, long night gown, any color
  • shalimar
  • small radio, one from radio shack will suffice maybe like this one
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