Christmas 2020 Wish List

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  • A nice bottle of white wine

  • A nice Irish whiskey
  • Washed Tunic Wine color, size 2X
  • Bernini sewing machine foot #23 embroidery
  • Bernini sewing machine foot #16 gathering
  • Bernini sewing machine foot #22 sewing on cording
  • Bernini sewing machine foot #37 patchwork foot
  • Balance board for Wii
  • Floor lamp Floor lamp
  • Amazon gift card





  • G Street Fabrics Gift Certificate
  • Fabric Place Basement Gift Certificate
  • Anything you know I might need for my new sewing machine
  • Amazon Gift Certificate
  • Gift certificate to nourish
  • A couple of 6 Ring A5 paper binders like these
  • A5 6 ring binder filler paper - lined or grid

  • A wacky piece of art





  • Amazon Wish List --> here (used versions of items are fine)
  • new high tech fun pager holster






  • New food processor
  • A electric whisk for whisking in a frying pan. Cordless if possible and can be used in a Teflon pan.
  • Key finder (Tracy got one for him in the past)
  • 26" retractable dog leash for a 50-75 lbs. dog.
  • a "good" coffee pot container.
  • sugar free gum

  • Relaxed, mostly cotton socks for work - colorful, but not too fluffy
  • Nike Air Force 1 "Flax" shoes - (not high top) (may be hard to find)
  • Diamonds, not diamondnelles!
  • Quartermaine gift certificate
  • Windex wipes
  • Tea tree oil soap
  • Cash

  • Save your money and put it towards family time together once COVID is under control
  • Wifi extender
  • Reader Safety glasses
  • Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB SDXC UHS-I Memory card
  • Sandisk Extreme Plus 32GB SDHC UHS-I Memory card
  • These boots



Little T


  • A soda stream
  • Garden ankle boots size 9
  • Crocs size 9
  • Gift certificate to nourish
  • A glow light nook book hard cover ( talk to T)
  • One or more shawl collar t shirts from LLBean/size large (corrected)

  • Special long pants (Lyla is working on design)-several pair are appreciated
  • A donation to your favorite charity in his name

  • Standard iPhone chargers (not for car)
  • Kitchen dish rags
  • Easy Spirit shoes
  • Flannel sheets-longer length Double size, solid color - beige, royal blue (not light blue)
  • HP printer cartridge 952XL
  • Maryland Flowers Gift certificate
  • Cat therapy for devilish Dima
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