Name Ingrid & Tom's New Statue

We all received a picture of the new statue (left) via email and were told to come up with a name.

The contest was conceived by Tom McDonald. Entries were coordinated/managed by Cheryl Van Metre and judged by Mickey Van Metre. Fun was had by all.

The Entries

Tom entry withdrawn "The competition is too stiff and i hate to lose"
Ingrid Things Are Looking Up (nickname Lookie)  
Lyla Haberdash Harry He is happily on his way home from the flower market where he purchased a pot of flowers which he will use as inspiration for his summer collection of ladies hats.
Tracy Albus J. Pennyworth Since his disappearance from the shire 3 years ago, strange things have been happening on the Island, and I'm sure Albus is responsible.
Laura Ūdinš   WINNER!!! ūdens is the Latvian word for water. Ūdinš is my version of the diminutive or "cute" version of ūdens. Ūdinš is pronounced oodinch
Lynda Barley Barrellugger  
Lenore Thomas Francis McDonald, IV There can never be enough Thomas Francis McDonald's in this world.
Paula Clarence McFeely-O'Shay(-O'Day) His parents were ahead of their time and hyphenated his name. The O'Day is silent, except during summer solstice and lunar eclipses.
Austin: Trollie the diminutive of "a mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted infolklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance.
ORIGIN from Old Norse and Swedish troll, Danish trold; adopted into English from Scandinavian in the mid 19th cent."
Tommy: Austin Look at his face
Graeme: Brussel Carriesworth (Bob the Basket Man)