May 2006 Trip to Albuquerque & Santa Fe, New Mexico

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From the plane: lush green, desert, mountains and big sky

Santa Fe church and hotel

Museum Hill in Santa Fe
The dancers stayed in the homes of local dancers and arts patrons. The owner of this house is a interior designer.
Dana's parents' adobe house outside of Santa Fe. Beautiful sparse landscape and a house filled with art.

Dana borrowed one of his father's gadgets to read the instructions for the new projector we were testing
Shopping for American Indian jewelry and pottery was the thing to do and I did plenty.
In Santa Fe the artists sold their art along a portico. They were interesting to talk to.
In Albuquerque I bought some turquoise for Lyla from a street vendor and learned about pottery from a store owner.

A mariachi band was playing for a wedding in Old Town Albuquerque.
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Joe has been telling me about Frito pie for years so when I saw this on a menu I had to try it. Dana said he used to eat it at lunch at school and had to take a bite for old-time's sake. There was plenty of it so I had no problem sharing.
I was interested in trying Indian fry bread but Dana suggested sopaipillas instead. I was hooked. I don't think I will have any as good until I go back to NM. The other good thing about New Mexican food was the green chili sauce.

This is where I ate the Frito pie.
The dancers out and about in Santa Fe.
Dana and his parents and dancers after the performance
More post-performance fun