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Little Rocket hernia surgery scar after squirrel chasing injury February 2022

T's surgery scars February 2019

Williams's ear surgery Nov 2017

Lyla's carpal tunnel surgery August 2015

Preparations for Austin's implant June 2015 (updated Oct 2015)

Jeff's heart surgery scar with drain holes April 2014

Lyla cut her hand on a boat during the peek of DC cherry blossoms 2014

Laura's colectomy scars November 2013

Arlene's boo-boos from a mishap in the Costco parking lot April 2013

Austin's brain surgery scar January 2013

Laura's Oophorectomy March 2012
Keep it moving, no kaunums here.

Spoleto 2011: Tom almost does a face plant carrying mimosas at a fancy reception

Finally, an injury we don't need to totally shield our eyes from. Max and his bloody nose are just too cute. Hopefully it was not too traumatic

Lenore's fourth incision in March 2011 after "cosmetic surgery" to her liver and diaphram and removal of her spleen and gall bladder

Austin's chest scar after quadruple bypass surgery December 2008. Merry Christmas

photo by Paula
Lenore's scar after her 2008 surgery (compare with original scar below)

Dad after surgery May 2008

Dad after a tumble Feb 2007
dad vs Dad

Tracy's Honeymoon in Italy Scar October 2006

Paula's knee

photo by Paula
Lynda vs Lenore

Lynda's second surgery November 2005 (They did a much neater job with the tape)

Lenore reports that Lyla has been playing with her new scab during her visit to the cold and snowy midwest

Apparently George W inflicted this injury on poor Paula with an economic incentive check.

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