Christmas 2012 McDonald Family Christmas Contest

Scary Ass Clowns

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Intro Arlene and Little L Laura Lenore Ingrid
Graeme Tom Sr Austin, Tommy and Sandy Lyla and Tracy Lynda

Contest rules and information

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Judges: Melinda, Karen and Zach (with bribes from Lenore)

2012 McDonald family Christmas Contest Judges

The big event started with a wonderfully theme appropriate introduction by friends Leslie and Rob:

and then the competition began. Here's how it went down.

First Place


Scarletto the Clown

Media: PVC pipe, nuts, bolts, washers, wood, styrofoam, yarn, felt, sculpey, silk, polyester knit, foam, plastic ball, drapery notions, evil

The "MAKING OF" video (viewer discretion advised):

Laura and her clown Scarletto

2nd Place - "To one who enjoys just too much skin"



Media: fabric paint on compression hose

Lynda showing us Buttercup

Another view of Buttercup

3rd Place - "Enormous poise and incredible stories"

Tom and Ingrid

Tom - oil paint on canvas
Ingrid - yarn

Tom Sr's Jekyll and Hyde clowns
Tom Sr's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Clown

Ingrid's Jailbird Clown
Ingrid's Jailbird Clown

The rest in order of award presentation:

Humanitarian Award - "Love your neighbor, Eat your neighbor"

Austin, Tommy and Sandy

Media: chocolate cake, frosting, candy

Austin, Sandy and Tommy's alien clown after

Austin, Sandy, Tommy's cake before

Techno Fear Award

Lenore and Graeme

Lenore: ArtStudio App on the iPad
Graeme: Graphic Design using the Java Programming Language

Lenore's entry on artstudio
Another view of Jenna Lou Abersham

Graeme's graphics

Closeup of Graeme's clowns Java Code Snippet

Scary in Pink Award

Lyla and Tracy

Media: Flamingos and other pink decorations


Detail 1 Detail 2

The Stephen King award

Arlene and Laura Winkleman

Media: Little L, stage makeup, creepiness