2009 McDonald Family Christmas Contest
20th Anniversary Edition

Wins, Places and Shows

First Place

Graeme built a shrine to all Christmas Contests Past

Second Place

Laura made a felt ornament with a scene of the Edisto marsh

Third Place and the Special Award for Best Tale

William made a string of Origami ornaments

Special Award for Most Shameless Display of Manipulation

Lynda's entry
Lynda used feather boas and lights

Special Award for 2nd Most Shameless Display of Manipulation

T McDonald
Tommy carved an ornament and attached a little speaker that played a Christmas greeting from Kitty, who was at the party in spirit but in bed recovering from back surgery in reality

Special Award for Best Use of Twisted Tinsel

Graeme with Alisa's entry
Alisa mad a lovely dragon ornament
Graeme presented Alisa's entry

Special Award for Recycling

Hoops, seen here with her agent/handler/landlord/caretaker/BFF Paula, chose to go "green" by recycling her poop for her entry. Click to see Hoops' and Paula's entry.
Lenore presented these two entries.

All Other Fabulous Entries in order of appearance


Lenore decorated an ornament with scenes from her life


Austin and his entry
Austin filled glass ornaments with beautiful fabrics.


Tracy's entry
Tracy used the traditional pipe cleaner to make his simple but elegant ornament with the accompanying warning "Watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat the yellow snow".
Tracy's ornament was presented by Lyla.


Leigh's entry
Leigh made an entry called Lyla Bell in horor of Lyla (AKA Lyla Bella)
Lyla presented Leigh's entry.


Ingrid's entry
Ingrid used pine cones from the island to create a family of ornaments.


Leslie with Rob's help decorated a Christmas tree full of meaningful, humorous, sarcastic and offcolor ornaments and commentary


Lyla and her entry
Lyla mad a lovely abstract starfish ornament out of porcelain clay


Tommy and his entry
Tommy's magical house was ambitious and delightful and powered by engines from small kitchen appliances. His presentation gave Tom Sr's award winning soliloquies a run for the money. Tommy and Sterling donated his entry to the Children's Hospital the very next day.

Tom Sr

Tom Sr with his entry
Tom's initial presentation was sort of a "Bitch set me up" scenario where he tried to get Lynda to steal his entry and possibly replace it with the Christmas ham again. But Lynda did not take the bait so he went and got his real entry and it turned out to be a nicely crafted sheep ornament.