The 2002 McDonald Family Christmas Contest

White Trash Cookoff

justin's entry

Tom as his alter ego, Justin Trailerbeau, making
Sweet and Sour Beef Tongue.  The presentation
also involved pigs' feet and ears.

ingrid's entry

Ingrid making Mock Cooter Stew and
Cornbread laced with Cracklin'. Highlights
include Ingrid doing a little dance.
lyla's entry

Lyla and her guest chef Leah made Chicken
Casserole on her show "Cooking For the Lord".
Lyla and Leah sang the recipe ingredients and
 instructions to the tune of "Amazing Grace".

Lynda and Laura cook

Laura and Lynda sport long fake nails as they make
Chicken Fried Mac and Cheese and an assortment
of wraps.  Highlights include pecan pie wrapped
in a tortilla. The girls would like to thank Lorella,
their director/cinematographer/tacky costume consultant.

road kill cafe  

Lenore and Paula made Vegetarian Road Kill
Stew on their cable access show "Road Kill
Cafe".  Highlights include vegetables being
run over by a pickup truck
cooking with fancy

Austin's show was called "Cooking with Fancy".
He and two guests, Leah and Andrew, made a
casserole involving lots of canned veggies
and pork rinds and celery stuffed with cheese
whiz and other delights.

t's entry

Tommy and Austin as Corey and Luke
chatting and revealing skeletons in the family closet
as they present their gingerbread trailer complete
with satellite dish

alcoholic milk

While the adults are away Graeme, as Bob,
makes the perennial children's favorite
"alcoholic milk".
racoon wraps

Austin helps little T present his delicious
"racoon in a blanket" dish.  As an encore
they made "puffer fish in a blanket".

First Place: Laura and Lynda's "Cooking with the Girls"

Second Place: Lyla's "Cooking for the Lord"

Third Place:  Lenore's "Road Kill Cafe"

Want more? Here's the trailer (Quicktime 3.3MB) to the final video that was put together for the judges and for posterity.