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Picture of the Week

Zita, we will miss you dearly and hope you travel to amazing places in heaven

Some photos from our July 4 Chicago trip
Fermilab cousins | Downtown | Rockford Cousins

Ingrid Dapkus McDonald: Journey to America

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First Generation

omite and opapu wedding mcdonald wedding
Aleksandrs and Helen Dapkus  Austin and Marcella McDonald

 more family from this generation

Next Generation

ingrid and tom
Tom and Ingrid

My Generation

lyla lenore
Lyla Lenore
laura austin
Laura Austin
lynda tommy
Lynda Tommy

New Generation

graeme little t
Graeme Austin Rock Thomas Francis McDonald III

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I want to thank everyone who has sent me pictures and comments.  Keep them coming!

Aunt Mary Anne Carlson, who passed away February 2006, contributed immensely by sending me many old and wonderful photos.  She also religiously read my blog. We all miss her profoundly.  

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